About School

Mount Litera Zee School, Saharanpur the franchisee of Zee learn ltd. Is one of the best school in West U.P. and the commitment is to prepare leaders for the 21st century through education. This school has the concepts to provide access to exceptionally high quality of curriculum and a conductive environment for the pupils for opening doors of their mind to the road of self-learning, creativity, innovation and self initiated activities . This school is equipped with latest technology & Modern Infrastructure which includes modern campus with administrative block, class rooms with latest teaching aids, staff rooms with latest teaching aids, staff room, computer lab with internet facility, rich library, music room, art & craft room, playground with sports facilities.

Mount Litera Zee school,Saharanpur is conceived not just as a school, but also as big junction, simply not a platform for the nurture excellence in each tiny tots under its umbrella and to cultivate the people's dream.

We believe that excellence alone is "the hallmark of competence and achievements. To impart best quality education school has best quality experienced & trained teachers. Above all the pious and honest dedication of our human resources will definitely added a golden feather in the cap of Mount Litera Zee School,Saharanpur . At mount Litera Zee School, Saharanpur, our endeavor to find the potential in every child.

Endorsing the Zee Learn philosophy, Mount Litera Zee School focuses on customizing learning and fostering real understanding keeping in mind that each child learns differently. It drives children to sculpt the unique potential , within them enables them to be life-long learners and contribute to the knowledge economy of the nation.Mount Litera Zee School imparts a holistic education based on a path-breaking model which has pivotal underpinnings.

At Mount Litera Zee School Saharanpur, (U.P.); we invite you to come and witness the unique Mount Litera Zee School experience and work together towards growing your unique child.


The Zee School Saharanpur aims to provide quality education to match global standards and crave for excellence in all fields of life. The objectives of the school are:
  • To prescribe and implement curriculum for Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual upliftment to achieve multifaceted development and arouse a quest & zest for learning in them during their academic pursuit.
  • To provide an environment for enhancement of Leadership, Team Spirit, Sportsmanship, Self esteem and other social attributes for facing real life challenges.
  • To shape global minds in an Indian soul and firmly uphold a belief in our moral values and ethics.
  • To provide a stimulating & conducive psychosocial environment in their formative years to unleash youthful energy towards creativity and self reliance, further leading to the service of the community, the country and ultimately the mankind.
  • Maintain openness of mind, dignity of conduct and mutual respect in the face of racial, economic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.
  • To foster optimum and holistic development of the child by addressing their overall environment through an exclusively evolved methodology, the Litera Octave.