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About Mount Litera Zee School Saharanpur

Mount Litera Zee School, Saharanpur the franchisee of Zee learn ltd. Is one of the best school in West U.P. and the commitment is to prepare leaders for the 21st century through education. This school has the concepts to provide access to exceptionally high quality of curriculum and a conductive environment for the pupils for opening doors of their mind to the road of self-learning, creativity, innovation and self initiated activities . This school is equipped with latest technology & Modern Infrastructure which includes modern campus with administrative block, class rooms with latest teaching aids, staff rooms with latest teaching aids, staff room, computer lab with internet facility, rich library, music room, art & craft room, playground with sports facilities.

Mount Litera Zee school,Saharanpur is conceived not just as a school, but also as big junction, simply not a platform for the nurture excellence in each tiny tots under its umbrella and to cultivate the people's dream.

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Children are Unique Individuals.

Each child has a unique brain network that shapes how him absorbs and responds to stimuli. One way of teaching does not work for every child. We need to teach the way they learn, not force them to learn the way we teach.

Vision, Mission & Values

To develop Leaders of the 21st century. What’s Right for the Child? WRFC – this is the mantra through which we filter all our decisions and actions. WRFC helps us keep the child at the centre of everything that we do and ensures single minded devotion to her growth and development.

A School’s Role

School is not an assembly line of syllabus and exams. Schools help children make meaning of life and develop the muscle to lead life effectively. For this, schools have to expand beyond academics to include life skills, values and habits.

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Principal's Message

Mr. TDS Bhardwaj

Mount Litera Zee School Saharanpur

I believe that “Being a parent is the greatest blessing of life and seeing your child grow, learn and become an individual a greater blessing”. I dream myself fortunate for pursuing this noble profession of teaching. We as teachers have the opportunity of seeing children grow ...

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Facts About Mount Litera









Why Choose Us?

Mount Litera Zee School Saharnpur focuses on the need for inter-dependence and social skills to allow faculty and students to live together in harmony, acknowledging the needs of others in a more or less protected setting.

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